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Upon gifting a bouquet to a marriage candidate, if they are at eight hearts with the player, they will react with delighted surprise and declare that they feel the same way. At this time, the final two grayed-out hearts in their social gauge will open up, and the player can build their relationship to ten hearts. In the social menu, that character will also be listed as the player’s “boyfriend” or “girlfriend.” To win over a potential spouse, players must increase their relationship by talking to them regularly, giving them gifts, performing quests, and more. There are plenty of ways to raise one’s heart level with a character, but the easiest and fastest is through gifts.

Who is the best girl to marry in Stardew Valley?

All these candidates will break up with you instead of ignoring you for a week. It also reset the number of hearts you gain to eight hearts. They’re really intimidating.You’ll immediately trigger this event if Haley is the last maiden with whom you shared the ten hearts event in Stardew Valley. And to instantly experience this as well with bachelors, you’ll need to encounter Alex’s ten hearts event lastly. So there we have it, everything you need to know about marrying and dating multiple people in Stardew Valley, its benefits and consequences. If you experienced Alex’s 10 hearts event as the final event, this event will start.

Farming, monster slaying, fishing, and foraging are all on the cards, no doubt keeping you busy season after season. Luckily Stardew Valley is inhabited by all manner of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes, just waiting to be charmed by the new farmer in town. Problem is, you’ll need to impress them first, and the residents of Pelican Town can be a picky bunch. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on romancing NPCs in Stardew Valley. We’ll list the viable marriage candidates, what gifts they like, and how to start the dating and eventually the marriage process. To propose, players must have 10 hearts with their boyfriend or girlfriend, then give the Mermaid Pendant to their intended as they would any other gift.

Harvey’s Eight Hearts Cutscene

When fulfulling the quest, the spouse will express gratitude before going back to angry/hurt dialogue. Fulfulling a quest for an ex-spouse does not grant any friendship points with the ex-spouse. Once married, the gifting limit of twice a week is removed, however the once a day limit still applies. After a few days a child will appear in your home’s nursery. Your child will grow over time, beginning with laying around and playing in the nursery. You don’t need to manage the daily needs of your child, although you can interact with him or her.

In such cases, the wedding is delayed until there is a day without such an event. Frozen Tears are perfect gift material as they can be easily sourced in the icy portion of the mine and aren’t especially useful in recipes. On top of that, Sashimi is one of the easiest food items in the game to prepare and can be done simply by cooking any fish. There https://datingreport.org/chemistry-com-review/ are effectively no major differences between each spouse in Stardew Valley. All of them give the player the same benefits, with the only differences being the appearance of their dedicated spaces and some variation regarding the food items they give to the player. They all do the same chores, level up in the same way, and grow in the same way.

However, she gets very anxious about being a bad role model, which means no drinking, no stories about her climbing trees and no nonsense. She will cook for her spouse and try to make them happy, but she’s a little restrictive for the average player. She can be a little tough to fall in love with when she’s so closed off and restrained. Gift this Bouquet to Emily to let her know that you’re interested. She’ll accept your offer as long as nothing has caused her friendship level to go below 8 hearts.

Similar to the bouquet, the recipient will react joyfully and agree to marry the player. Three days after the proposal, as soon as the player wakes up, a cutscene will play of the marriage ceremony in the town square. Afterwards, the player and their new spouse will appear on the farmhouse porch at 6am, ready to start the first day of their life together. Stardew Valley is not only a farming simulator but it is a game that is built around what it would be like to start a new life as a farmer away from the city.

Stardew Valley: A Complete Guide To Marrying Shane

In the new cutscenes, you simply hang out with all the bachelors/bachelorettes without anyone calling you out for dating the entire town. You can watch the scenes in YouTuber DangerouslyFunny‘s video above. The second option is to pay 30,000g to the Witch’s Hut to erase your spouse’s memory. This will restore things to their pre-marriage state, at which point you are free to move forward. If you have all of these prerequisites, you can get ready to propose.

Once you reach 8 hearts with any romanceable NPC, you can start dating them! You should have received a letter from him, informing you that he’s now selling Bouquets for 200g. Keep in mind that you will also need to upgrade the house at least once to get married. After you give the Pendant to someone the marriage will take place 3 days after and the other person will move into your house. I wish there were dialog changes after marriage–having at least some characters (like your spouse’s family, for instance!) recognize that you’re married would be really nice.

This can be done by going to Mayor Lewis’ house and interacting with the desk in the top left corner of his house. After committing to the divorce, the player can cancel it at any point during the remainder of that day. After the player reaches eight hearts with an NPC, they can officially begin romancing them by gifting them a bouquet which can be purchased from Pierre’s General Store.

The farmer will wake up with the spouse already in the player’s farmhouse. After reaching 12.5 Hearts with your spouse, the player can receive a Stardrop as a token of their love. Once the NPC accepts the proposal, the marriage will occur in the morning three days after the proposal is accepted. The married NPC then has their maximum friendship level grow from 10 to 14. Once a player gets married in Stardew Valley, their spouse moves onto the farm and adopts a new schedule. They would refuse to speak with you or angrily converse with you.

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He will not sell the pendant unless the farmhouse has been upgraded at least once, the player is at 10 hearts with an eligible villager, and the player is not already married. Giving a marriage candidate a Wilted Bouquet ends the dating relationship. The marriage candidate’s friendship level will immediately drop to 5 hearts upon receiving one, and will have unique reactions to receiving it.

Early on in your adventure you will want to introduce yourself to each of them and learn what they are about. Once you’ve found which individual you would like to romance, you’ll need to build a relationship with him or her. For help on locating every villager, check out our guide. Blobfish are excellent for fish ponds because produce a decent amount of roe when you have six of them in a pond. They also have a chance for warp totems to drop, which teleport you directly back to your farm, or they can produce pearls, which you can sell for 2,500 gold pieces.