Wine Month

Strategic process effects on the entrepreneurial orientation-sales growth rate relationschip. Entrepreneurship theory and practice, 30, 57-81. Martens, C. D., Carneiros, K., Martens, M., & Silva, D.

Factors to foster organisational sustainability in tourism SMEs. The idea, as presented by Einstein, is that truly massive accelerating objects in space create waves of gravity, not unlike waves of water, which emanate out from their source. Casa das Talhas is the stage for the best Alentejo gastronomic pairings. The Wine Month is always marked by a unique and unforgettable dinner, where the true terroir of Vidigueira is present in each tasting.

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Mary Ann was blessed with many, many friends, including those she made as an active parishioner at St. Joan of Arc and Holy Family Catholic churches in South St. Louis, as well as her Bethesda buddies. Closest of all, though, were her seven lifelong sisters of “Tau Gamma,” their self-created sorority at Notre Dame High School . She loved entertaining all these friends and family members playing piano and leading sing-alongs. Taberna dos Arcos is an enotourism space, integrated in the Enotourism structure of the Cooperative Winery of Vidigueira, Cuba and Alvito, located in the Capital of Carved wine, Vila de Frades. We are back with the traditional Wine Month during the month of November.

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This is a special event dedicated to Carved wine, in which our wine cellar invites all producers of carved wine certified by the Alentejo Winegrowing Commission to share a tasting space and showcase their products. The event begins with a conference on carving wine and culminates with a tasting of the wines of these producers in a relaxed atmosphere, in Casa das Talhas. If you are a fan of unique carved wines with personality that impacts with each sip, this event is for you! Event subject to prior booking and availability.

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Relationship between entrepreneurial orientation and project management maturity in Brazilian software firms. Iberoamerican Journal of Strategic Management, 14, 72-91. Special wines sprout from the taps of Talhas , in one of the oldest taverns in Vila de Frades, whose name is the result of the arches that make up its structure. This tavern, full of small references to millenary traditions, is surrounded by Clay pots, the oldest dating from 1656. This space also has a well that was once used to keep the wines fresh all year round and some museum materials referring to wine production with this ancient technique. On November 5th we reopen this space with a wine tasting of Carved wines and other activities related to the Alentejo singing and tasting of regional snacks.

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Buckley, P. J., Doh, J. P., & Benischke, M. H. Towards a renaissance in international business research? Big questions, grand challenges, and the future of IB scholarship. Journal of International Business Studies, pp.1-20.

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Every year this wine dinner is accompanied by musical entertainment .

This event is comprised of a set of events that take place over four weekends, and are related to the wine festival, in particular, with Carved wine. OUR MISSION is to provide a convenient way for the public to recycle their clothes, shoes and textiles through exclusive municipal contracts. Our efforts reduce the municipalities’ carbon footprint, provide local governments with fiscal growth, stimulate charitable contributions through municipality-sponsored programs and provide a source of clothes, shoes and textiles in the United States and throughout the world. Núñez-Ríos, J. E., Sánchez-García, J. Y., Rojas, O. G., & Olivares-Benitez, E.

The main objective of this study is to analyze the influence of absorption capacity and entrepreneurial orientation on economic, social and environmental sustainability in the hotel sector in tourist regions of Santa Catarina. This is a research is quantitative and descriptive, of the survey type, focusing on original primary data. The Structural Equation Modeling technique was used to test the hypotheses, through the software program SmartPLS3.0. The results indicate that the sustainability construct is directly and positively influenced by absorption capacity and by entrepreneurial orientation , and that the EO receives a direct and positive effect of ACAP. Also, these relationships are determined by the classification of the accommodation establishment. The originality of this study lies in its deepening of the influence of ACAP on entrepreneurial orientation, and of both constructs on sustainability.