Domestic Building Contracts Regulations 2017 (Vic)

The domestic building industry in Victoria, Australia is regulated by the Domestic Building Contracts Regulations 2017. These regulations were introduced to protect homeowners and builders by providing clarity and transparency in the contracting process.

Under the regulations, builders are required to provide consumers with a written contract before any work commences. The contract must outline the scope of the works, the price, the timeframe for completion, and any other relevant terms and conditions.

Builders are also required to obtain domestic building insurance before commencing any work. This insurance provides consumers with protection against defective or incomplete work, and ensures that the builder is held accountable for any breaches of the contract.

The regulations also provide homeowners with a number of safeguards throughout the building process. For instance, they have the right to have variations to the contract in writing, and can request progress payments to be made based on the completion of specific stages of the work.

In addition, homeowners have the right to request that any defects or incomplete work be rectified by the builder. If the builder fails to do so, homeowners have the right to seek compensation or take legal action.

The Domestic Building Contracts Regulations 2017 have been praised by consumer advocacy groups for providing homeowners with greater protection and accountability in the building process. By ensuring that builders adhere to clear and transparent contracts, homeowners can have greater peace of mind when undertaking building works.

For further information on the Victorian domestic building industry and the regulations that govern it, consumers are encouraged to visit the Victorian Building Authority or speak to a licensed builder.